About 'Kaziukas fair 2018' in Neringa
2018 03 12

Kaziuko mugė (Kaziukas Fair) is an annual Lithuanian folk fair held in the very beggining of March. It is a joyful fest of Lithuanian folk arts and crafts where plenty of original art works, thoroughly made utensils and homemade kickshaws are sold in the central streets. Every year Kaziuko mugė announces the beginning of spring and the end of winter.
There are no equal occasions in Lithuania for the 3 days lasting fest called Kaziuko mugė.
However, in Neringa city all of the traditional holidays are a little different because it always feels like you are surrounded by people you've known for a long time. This year, 2018, for the first time in Neringa, beautiful and new 'Kaziukas fair' event has started and is promised to be held in Preila annually. This year, only few sellers arrived and none of them were disappointed with their sales.
Here are some of the moments captured in pictures:

More pictures here: Kaziuko kiemo šventė, 2018