Native Neringas' authors books are introduced in 'Vilnius book fair 2018'
2018 02 22

This year 'Vilnius book fair 2018' main topic is 'Reading Lithuania - Reading the World' because this year, 2018, Lithuania celebrates the 100th anniversary of the restoration as an independent state. This date is of special importance to Lithuania and its people – it marks the anniversary of the long road walked by the Lithuanian nation towards a free and independent State.
3 Neringas' native authors books are going to be introduced in 'Vilnius book fair 2018':
Aldona Kazlauskaitė Balsevičienė „Raganų kalno pasakos” ('Tales of The Hill of Witches');
Vigantas Giedraitis photo album „Between winds and waters“;
Thomas Mann Cultural Centre published book “Vaizdai iš Lietuvos” ('Lithuanian Images').
You can find books at Nida CTIC "Agila" (Taikos g. 4, Nida).