Photography contest #InspiredByNeringa
2019 05 01

Do you collect sunrises and sunsets? Does Curonian Spit reminds you your great love story? Is it the first childhood resort attracting you to come back? Is it the perfect place to live and create? Share your story!
You are welcome to write about how Neringa inspires you, illustrate your story with pictures or videos taken in the area of Neringa Municipality and take part in the contest!
Be sure to add the #InspiredByNeringa to your text and photo and mark @curonian_spit_neringa. The authors of three best stories will be invited to spend a weekend in Neringa in September and will be awarded by additional prizes!
Conditions of the contest:
1. All photos and videos along with short stories, placed on social networking Instagram profiles (not 24 hours valid Stories publish as Your Story), which are accompanied by #IkveptiNeringos or #InspiredByNeringa and marked @curonian_spit_neringa, are included in the contest. Profiles of participants must be public to make photos or videos visible to the public and posible to be shared.
2. Entries with the hashtags and a mark posted on the social network Instagram between 2019-05-01 and 2019-08-31 are included in the competition.
3. IG posts may contain images of different seasons but most importantly, that photos and videos must be made in the territory of Neringa Municipality and marked with a local location.
4. By submitting their story with pictures and videos with hashtags and marks, the Participants AGREE that all material will be used for publicity purposes. By submitting his or her story with a photo or video, the participant takes responsibility for the fact that the other person or persons appearing or mentioned in the history, photos or videos agree that their data and / or image will be publicized.
5. Stories, photos and videos that do not meet these requirements will not participate in the contest and will not be evaluated:
• Images and videos cannot be significantly affected by image editing tools, they must be of good quality, visible and clearly show that they are captured in the territory of Neringa Municipality.
• The Participant confirms and warrants that the stories, photos and videos submitted are original works, without prejudice to any other person or copyright and other intellectual property rights, so that other persons do not have any rights or legitimate interests in these stories, photos and videos.
• Photos and videos must be provided without watermarks or other authorship marks;
• Stories, photos, and videos cannot be obscene, provocative, openly sexual, or otherwise contrary to moral norms that promote racial, ethnic, or other forms of discrimination or hatred.
6. At the end of the contest period, the 10 most popular stories will be evaluated by the committee and three authors will be selected, who will be rewarded with the main prizes. Participants will also have the opportunity to win other prizes from the sponsors.
7. Participants and their family members will not be able to be members of the committee.
8. Organizers reserve the right to change the terms of the contest.