General information for volunteers

Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center (Nida CTIC) invites the active and creative person to join us and become a volunteer. Together we are strong enough to climb the highest mountain! We are an organization focused on tourism and culture. In order to achieve the best quality of work, we apply the original ideas, experiment with various methods. However, sometimes our ambitions appear being too big just because we are lack of additional hand or a bit different, wall-breaking vision. Nevertheless, the belief that volunteers with new skills, high level of curiosity, uniqueness, aspirations, and visions might help to illuminate Neringa county with brand new colors. The Center covers such duties as:
• Organization and implementation of the event (international festivals, plein-airs, camps, informal education activities, art and craft workshops, city and national holidays)
• Participation in an international project (multicultural, traditional, sustainable tourism, etc.)
• Establishment of touristic routes, information on tourism issues (accommodation, meals, entertainment, transport, etc.) One of the goals set for this year is to increase the dissemination of cultural and tourism activities. In order to reach this goal, our center kindly invites people to try themselves in volunteering at Nida CTIC. It could be a great experience, possibly, fulfilling your life with more culture and tourism. This is also an opportunity to understand and explore the old traditions and folklore of the city, region, or even the entire country. If only you wish, this is a chance to contribute to the creation of new traditions and the wings of culture. Eventually, there is never too much of culture, traditions, and beauty! We can unite our aspirations and do even more. Come and join us, so that we could create that beauty together! P.S. We take care of our volunteers by providing them with free accommodation, transportation (round trip) and snacks during the period of the event. The voluntary time for sure contains a joyful mood, a lot of excitement, warm atmosphere of the teamwork and the newly gained skills. Our upcoming events are hereFill out the volunteer form here: Volunteer profile. Download, fill out, scan and send us emailHave you any ideas or suggestions to share? hereand we will rock it together.Any personal data is saved and stored in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.