Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route

Breathtaking views of the colossal sand dunes on the Curonian Spit – one of the treasures of UNESCO‘s World Heritage List, relaxing blue flag beaches on the Baltic seashore, and more than 500 years of authentic culture and architecture – on a bicycle it‘s all within your reach!
Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route running through the captivating nature and impressive history of the past centuries, will definitely light up your adventurous spirit! A more than 200-kilometre length cycle route extends along three bodies of water - the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon and the Nemunas River. The highly developed route connects a variety of attraction sites at the Baltic seashore and the Curonian Lagoon.
The Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route consists of three different parts meeting in Klaipeda:
Klaipeda - Nida (~ 50 km / 30 miles along the Curonian Spit)
Klaipeda - Butinge (~ 50 km / 30 miles through the Seaside Regional Park and Palanga Resort);
Klaipeda - Rusne Island (~ 110 km / 70 miles through the Nemunas River Delta).