Feast “Žiobrinės”

2019 04 26 - 2019 04 28
Territory of Nida Harbor
6-th celebration of „Žiobrinės“ in Neringa April 26-28, 2019
April 26-27
Nida fisherman's homestead welcomes (Naglių 4, Neringa) Both days from 14:00 to 16:00 exposition will be assisted by Vitalija Teresa Jonušienė.
Attendance - free of charge.
April 26, Friday
18:00. Presentation of the ethnographist Aksavera Mikšienė culinary legacy book "Lietuvininkų valgiai". The book consists of lithuanian dietary traditions and culinary legacy recipes collected over 25 years. You are invited to taste dishes prepared by the recipes of this book, listen to authentic spoken language, and songs from Pagėgiai region
(Liudvikas Rėza culture center, Rėzos 8, Juodkrantė)
19:00. Izrael embassy in Lithuania cinema project "Izrael cinema in your city"- film "Apples from the desert" (Nida community house, Taikos 17)
19:30. Musical sounds journey "Cognition circle". Conducted by the founders of the "Winnetou village" (Preila community house, Preilos 27)

April 27, Saturday, Nida port territory
From 10:00. Fair
13:00. Celebration opening
13:30. Traditional Vimba frying "Try for yourself"
From 13:00 till 17:00 educational, creative, active leisure activities
Fishermen songs tuition. Led by folk group "Giedružė", leader Audrone Buržinskienė
"Easter granny's workshop" - old lithuanian ways to decorate Easter eggs
"Vimba caricatures" - drawn by Ramūnas Vaitkus
"On lagoon waves with the tribe of Winnetou village" - program by "Winnetou village", cherishing the traditions of the North American indians.
„Šišioniškių čėsnis“ - local buns, coffee and tea. possibility to try learning Šišioniškiai dialect - program by Šilutė Hugo Šojus museum.
"Jadvyga's herbs" - not only for tea, but as spices for taste variety - program by herbalist Jadvyga Balvočiūtė.
Green table discussions about sustainable innovations in business, technologies that preserve nature - „Žalioji akademija“, director Gintautas Mieleika
Angling project "CATCH" activities presentation by CTIC "Agila" team.
"Fish for the news" - game conducted by Liudvikas Rėza culture center.
"Amber room secrets" - secrets revealed by amber master Algirdas Marčius
Dance tuition by folk dance group "Kalnapušė", leader Rasa Norvilienė.
Blacksmith Nerijus and Sandra Genys workshop.
Concert by folk music band "Joldija"[/list]
From 13:00 till 15:00 fish educational workshop in the visitor's center of the National park of the Curonian spit (Naglių 8)
All visitors, especially little ones will be able to participate in fishies educational workshop, and taste some nice herb tea. We will create and decorate fishes from various natural materials. Will play trying to catch our own fish and check how we know different fish species from Curonian spit waters.
From 13:00 till 15:00. Mini golf tournament in a course near Neringa sports school (Lotmiškio 2, Nida)
19:00. Evening concert
Professor Raminta Lampsatytė presents: Vaida Butautaitė (soprano, Lithuania), Ceren Aydin Akkoç (soprano, Turkey), Roberto Hernán Berner Rodríguez (tenor, Chili), Raminta Lampsatytė (piano, Germany) Nida community house, Taikos 17
April 28, Sunday
12:00 Theatrical excursion "Nida golden age: from fisherman's village to luxurious resort"
Excursion starts from Nida fisherman's homestead, Naglių 4. Duration - 1.5 hours
In case of bad weather conditions program may be adjusted
Filming an photography will take place during the whole event.
Smoked fish will be sold by:

Cafe „Tik pas Joną“ , Naglių 6-1, +37062082084
Trade spot near Nida bus station, Naglių 18 N, +37069829586
„Rimo žuvys“Preilos 25, +37061114744
Trade spot, Preilos 91-3, +37061647616
Trade spot, Preilos 25-8, +37068755753
Trade spot, Pervalkos 54-2, +37068516519
„Olego žuvis“ Ievos kalno 2, L. Rėzos 40, +370 618 39146, +370 654 53 292
Trade spot L.Rėzos 44, +370 469 53 452
Trade spot L. Rėzos 16