Installation "Literally There"

2018 04 12 - 2018 04 29
On the main (Taikos) street in Nida
Site-specific installation Literally There by the Danish artists Marie Raffn and Signe Boe will be displayed until the 29th of April on the main (Taikos) street in Nida. Along with it, Nida Art Colony ends the second season of its temporary project space Kiosk.
The exhibition is an attempt to transform a literary space into a physical situation. The installation consists of elements unable to be reproduced with photographic means: a light-reflective backdrop is highlighting the absence of two bodies' movements through sand and wind, and at the same time it mirrors the presence of the viewer. The artists worked with a reference to the famous photo by Antanas Sutkus depicting the shadow of Simone de Beauvoir, walking in the dunes of Nida, however her body has been cropped out.
Since 2016 Marie Raffn and Signe Boe (DK) have been collaborating on works as well as common platforms to present individual work. They are currently particularly interested in the female voice, écriture féminine and to merge the spaces of the written and the said.
The project is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The patron of the project is Andrius Tamaliūnas.