XIV International Festival of chamber music and ecology “The land of disobedient”/ "Eiti ramybėn"

2018 07 12
Taikos g. 4, Nida
Opening of the ecological art workshop exhibition and premiere of festival’s production Eiti ramybėn. A symbolic path from the dictate of urban noise and ticking of the clock toward coalescence into nature of Čiurlionian landscape unites Japanese butoh dance, live electronics and M.K. Čiurlionis’ music.
Participants: Vaida, Jolita, Vilma and participants of the ecological art workshop; live piano – Rokas, live electronic music - Phil, choreography – Sakurako (butoh) & Phil (electro flamenco), butoh dance theatre Okarukas, costume design – Boram Gabrielė, video (stills) – Vytautas Katkus
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