Nordic walking

Try Nordic Walking, as a great fitness workout for people who are looking for a fun physical activity and maximum health benefits combined with convenience in the open air!
Nordic Walking Style presents this new fitness form and wishes to enjoy physical activity at the same time admiring the beauty of Neringa. Nordic Walking with special poles will make your holiday time full of new emotions.
Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. It evolved from an off-season ski-training activity known as ski walking, hill bounding or ski striding to become a way of exercising year-round. Ski walking and hill bounding with poles has been practiced for decades as dry land training for competitive Nordic skiers. Ski coaches saw the success of world class cross country skiers who used ski poles in the summer for ski walking and hill bounding and it became a staple of off-season Nordic ski training.
Seize the opportunity to explore Nordic walking routes in the unique nature of the Curonian Spit.
Maps here:
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side B
Go nordic!
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