Route with audio guide „RESORT HERITAGE SMARTLY“

Route with audio guide around Neringa, introducing the history of the resort's origins and natural healing methods.

Route across the Klaipėda Region "Sweet exhaustion"

“Sweet Exhaustion” is an active water touring in the surroundings of Klaipėda, Palanga and Neringa, around the districts of Šilutė and Klaipėda. Learn about the Lithuanian seaside and enjoy attractions: cycling, paddling, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, kite surfing, mountain boarding, or walk.

Landsailing tour „Baltic Blokart“

Wind, sand, waves and speed - enjoy all these beach sailing pleasures riding a Blokart land yacht.

Tour „Across the Curonian Lagoon to the Nemunas Delta“

Experience an adventurous day and paddle with us across Curonian lagoon to spectacular delta of Nemunas.

Canoe and cycle tour „Bulvikis“

It is a scenic combined tour by canoe and bike.

Canoe tour „Dead Dunes"

This is a unique water route, because the largest part of it lies by picturesque array of dunes, where walking is forbidden.

Hiking tour „At sunrise“

It is your unique chance to experience the pulse of the Curonian Spit‘s nature.

Individual route "TOP 10 to do list in Nida"

Individual route "Down the dune"

Welcome to the land of sand!

Individual route "Undiscovered land of Juodkrantė"

"Terra incognita" – unknown, undiscovered land, which attracted many discoverers and travelers, inspired to discover and present new worlds to the others. We invite you to the places, located along a short 3-kilometer stretch of lagoon coast, and they will suddenly become a new discovery for you.

“Mighty sands” - guided canoe tour

Award winning guided canoe tours