Individual route "TOP 10 to do list in Nida"

1. Take a seat and enjoy “the Italian View” in the morning
A thin twisted pine tree, fishermen’s houses below, Curonian lagoon view opening on the right and Bulvikis horn in the distance – that is a theme of Nida landscape opening from the Uošvės hill in Skruzdynė, that artists and photographers started calling “Italian view” in the late 19th c – beginning of 20th c. Although up until now it is hard to say why the name held, the theme of this view appears in the paintings of many artists that worked in Nida: B.F. Behrendt, E. Wirth, W. Riemann, M. Pechstein, E. Mollenhauer etc. After when in 1930 Thomas Mann has built a summerhouse on the Uošvės hill, “Italian view“ started to be associated with the writers name. Enjoy the view that will revisit your memory long after… (Skruzdynės str. 17)
2. Visit local bakery for morning coffee
You can’t call it relaxation if you haven’t had your coffee yet! It is a must to visit a local bakery “Gardumėlis“ at Pamario st. 3. A wide selection of treats awaits you here, carrot candy and whole grain bread among others. Have the most delicious cookie made according to the old Lithuanian recipe and a cup of fresh drink.
3. Take a picture with the legendary Ben
V. Kernagis (1951-2008) – beloved Lithuanian actor, song writer and singer, pioneer of the sung poetry in Lithuania. An unforgettable character of Ben in a movie „Maža išpažintis“ (eng. Small confession) related V. Kernagis to Nida for ever. Commemorating that a V. Kernagis monument by Romualdas Kvintas was established on the bank of the lagoon in 2009. V. Kernagis is ever waiting for friends to join him for a photo.
4. See an ancient insect „trapped“ in a piece of amber
A unique amber collection is gathered at Virginija and Kazimieras Mizgiriai amber gallery-museum located at Pamario st. 20. There you may find out about the amber: its varieties, colors, formation history. Reconstructed collection of Juodkrantė amber treasure, amber pieces with inclusions, modern designs and the biggest amber piece in Lithuania are all part of the exposition. Just outside the gallery lies the “Amber Road” exposition where you may encounter an ancient insect “trapped“ in a piece of amber.
5. Try on fisherman’s shoes
At the Ethnographic fisherman’s farmstead (Naglių st. 4) you may see an authentic fisherman’s house, antique furniture and housekeeping items. Main attraction of the exposition – ice fishing shoes used for fishing on the frozen Curonian lagoon. Flat-bottomed fishing boats called "Kurėnas" are located near the farmstead. Come by to get the feeling of the local fisherman‘s life.
6. Breathe in, breathe out
Parnidis cognitive path starts at Tylos valley (eng. Valley of silence) and goes through the forest of mountain pines. Taking a walk along this path you will breathe fresh air, observe various animals and plants, get acquainted with the mountain pine (lat. pinus montana) that was introduced to Curonian spit from Denmark in the middle of 19th c. They were used to plant the drifting dunes that traveled closest to the settlements. The well-developed root system of this pine is well suited to stop the moving sand. The mountain pine is just 2 meters high and has 8-10 cm thick trunk. Walking along the mountain pine forest you breathe clean air that is rich in phytoncides – improving your mood and healing a variety of respiratory conditions.
7. Check your watch on the Parnidis dune
Absolute mathematical horizon opens on the top of the52 meter high Parnidis dune. The view point overlooks amazing panorama of Nida settlement, open dunes, lagoon, the sea and forests. It is a must to take a photo here. By the way it is the only place in Lithuania where the sun rises from and sets in the water. In 1995 a sundial – calendar was built on top of the dune that shows local time. Check if your watch is set to Nida time.
8. Taste some freshly smoked fish
Fishing has always been more than just a business on the Curonian spit, it is a way of life, and hence the main dish is fish. It was used instead of meat, bread and vegetables. Smoked fish was served during festivities. When you walk around Neringa, a nice aroma of the freshly smoked fish may often find you. You may taste smoked eel, bream, bass, smelt at local cafes, restaurants or buy directly from the local smokehouses.
9. Try out „step“ aerobics
Climb 200 stairs up the Urbas hill to look around the lighthouse. The name of the hill originates from Lithuanian word “urbti” that means digging holes in the ground for plants. It is one of the first dunes to be planted with pines. The lighthouse is a 29.3 m high tower. A cobble-stone path of 200 stairs leads the way to it. The lighthouse sends light signals that are seen 41 km away in the sea (22 sea miles). Visit the lighthouse day and night and you will be amazed by the atmosphere it creates to the place.
10. Enjoy a free SPA and get energized
Visiting the Curonian spit, you must see the Baltic Sea. You will forget all your worries by just taking a walk along the seaside and watching the playing waves. You might have a fun photo-shoot or try finding a “souvenir” – stone, piece of amber or sea polished piece of glass.
For more courageous ones we suggest to take a swim in cool, mineral enriched sea water. There is no doubt in the positive effect of sea therapy. Seashore is the biggest SPA under the open sky, so don’t miss a chance to regain your energy.