V. and K. Mizgiriai Amber Gallery - Museum

Working hours
June – August
I-VII 9:00 - 20:00
April, May, September, October
I-VII 10:00 - 19:00
Ticket price
Adult - 1,25 EUR
Child - 0,60 EUR
Visitors can individually visit outdoor exposition and take a walk by “Amber Road”, which starts from the Baltic sea and extends over the whole Europe to the Etruscan lands in Italy, where one will see old amber workshops, presentations of tools for cultivating amber (one can become as a master of amber and try to make a bringing luck amulet for himself), view an impressive collection of inclusions, treasure amulets from Juodkrante, get to know the morphology of amber. During summer season you may attend exhibitions of artists working with amber at the Artists’ House.
Moreover, here you can find out old and present techniques of amber productions, how to check the amber whether it is fake or not, see amber energy producing machine or try “Amber drink”. Under your request it may be presented in English, German and Russian. This is one of the places where a wide range of works made by Lithuanian authors can be seen and purchased.