Bulvikis horn

This is the widest peninsula on the Curonian Spit, a place reaching up to 3.8 km. It is believed that the cape and the nearby bay name come from the Curonian name Bulvikis. However, there is still one more interpretation of the origin of the name: Swedish word “bolja” means “wave” and “vik" - "Bay", so it may be that Bulvikis is the name of Swedish origin.
Before afforestation of the large dunes, Cape Horn was growing very rapidly: during 1837-1910 it grew approximately 7 meters annually. It is currently undergoing a reverse process – the horn is being washed by the bay currents, it is continuously decreasing.
From Bulvikio horn and the bay coast opens beautiful panorama of the Curonian Lagoon, and Ventės horn is visible on the other side. When visibility is good other side of the Curonian Lagoon seems to be reachable by hand, but this is deceptive: the distance to Ventė horn is more than 8 km and lagoon depth is about 3 meters.
Source: The Curonian Spit National Park website www.nerija.lt