Vecekrugas dune

Hand-built carpet of green dune pines in the hills reveals all its beauty from the old tavern Mountain (in curonian Vecekrugo), located between Preila and Nida, in Karvaičių Landscape Reserve.It is said that the tavern stood at its foot. This dune stands in 1.5 km to the south of Preila opposite Preila horn.This highest gardened dune on the Curonian Spit opens opens a panorama of valleys, forest, seacoast and profiles of the lagoon coast.No less impressive is the dune itself, its green robes striped with white sand diagonals. Hill seems particularly magnificent viewed from the north side.Vecekrugo hill height is 67.2 m.It is easiest to reach it by bike trail.

Source: The Curonian Spit National Park website