Decorative sculpture "The elk of Nida"

Built in 2012, author Saulius Juchnevičius
This sculpture depicts the biggest animal of the Curonian Spit, the elk, which is often regarded as the symbol of forests of the Curonian Spit. Fascination of residents and guests of today’s Neringa with this animal was evidenced in 2011 whereby the municipality of Neringa invited them to offer ideas for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Neringa. Many local residents and visitors agreed that the elk sculpture should adorn Neringa. Since 2014, the sculpture has been standing in the courtyard of the Curonian Spit National Park Office (Naglių St. 8, Nida). It is believed that if you rub the elk’s nose, you will surely see a real deer in the woods.