Built in 1995, authors: architect Ričardas Krištopavičius, sculptor Klaudijus Pūdymas, ethno cosmologist Libertas Klimka
The Parnidis Dune, rising up to 53 meters high, is decorated with a sundial-calendar. It consists of a circular platform with small hour-representing stair-steps arranged semicircle. In the centre of the platform, there is a 13.8 m high obelisk of sanded stone; the falling shadow of it serves as a clock. The obelisk is carved with runic characters and public holiday icons taken from the 17th century wooden calendar. There are four sculptural images for the spring and autumn equinoxes and summer and winter solstices arranged on each side of the platform. The Parnidis Dune is the only place in Lithuania where you can watch the sun rising out of the water and again sinking into the water.