Cognitive path in Nagliai strict nature reserve near Pervalka

Nagliai strict nature reserve, which stretches for nine kilometers from the village of Preila to Juodkrantė, covers the area of nearly 1680 ha. Here one can see the Grey Dunes (also known as the Dead Dunes), sites of the four sand-bound Curonian Spit villages as well as unique areas of willow overgrowth habbitats in the dunes or soils of the ancient forest buried by sand. Due to strong winds in these dunes spectacular ravines and washouts were formed. In some places one can see even ancient soils protruded from the sand.
It is suggested to explore the Grey Dunes at the 31nd kilometer of Smiltynė - Nida road - here the pedestrian path is fitted in Nagliai strict nature reserve. The cognitive path, which starts here, stretches for 1 100 meters and allows visitors of the Nagliai reserve to walk on the wooden as well as sandy surface exploring breathtaking views of the Curonian Lagoon as well as White and Grey Dunes.
Photo Rytis Šeškaitis