We are a top category accredited culture center, member of the Association of Lithuanian Culture Centers, creating a public positive space for the needs of society, promoting the creativity of the society, strengthening communities, strengthening the links between social groups.
We organize events of professional art, entertainment, education, celebrations of national holidays, memorable dates, calendar holidays.
We implement non-formal arts education programs for people of all ages.
We create conditions for the dissemination of ethnic culture, promote the old traditions and customs.
We organize occupation of amateur art groups, care to their preparation and participation in Song Festivals, local, regional, national and international events.
Folklore ensemble "GIEDRUŽĖ"
Leader: Audronė Buržinskienė
Mobile: +370 616 00884
The ensemble discloses the traditional ethnic culture of the region and its customs to modern society, promotes the name of Liudvikas Rėza and performs his songs at various events in Neringa, Lithuania and abroad. It has earned the highest amateur art award in Lithuania "Aukso Paukštė" and first category by grouping folklore collectives into categories according to artistic level, activities and results. It has been awarded with Liudvikas Rėza Award in 2015.
Assembled in 2002 "Giedružė" was named after the name of the dune near Nida. The repertoire consists of songs written by L. Rėza, A. Juška, that are typical of the ethnographic region of Lithuania Minor, performed accompanied by kanklags, harp of Lithuania Minor, violin, snowball, cymbals, basilla and drum.
Authentic and heartfelt ensemble programs: „Kuršių kiemas“, „Legenda apie Neringą“, „Jočiau į žvejus“, „Iš trijų rytų vėjužis pūtė“, „Bėgau maružėm“, „Dirbysu laivą“, „Eina saulelė aplinkui dangų“ vividly and artistically reflects the traditional way of life of the fishermen.
The life and traditions of the fishermen „Ten ant maračių“ DVD
„Iš trijų rytų vėjužis pūtė“ CD
Folk group "JOLDIJA"
Leader: Laurynas Vainutis
Mobile: +370 614 13343
The name to the group was given in 1998. Along with Lithuanian folk music performers play, music by foreign composers, pieces of their own, both lyrical romances, and jolly polkas, giving the audience good mood. Group's motto - "Merrily and from the heart".
Group has been awarded the title of being the most professional, has been the winner of many festival competitions, national and international events, has been a regular Song festival participant. Has been awarded The Golden Bird - the highest amateur art award in Lithuania. The 1st place winner of the LRT TV show "Duokim garo", the regular winner of the LRT TV show "Gero ūpo", other TV shows.
The geography of broad chapel concert tours, which begins in Neringa, continues throughout Lithuania, to the neighboring countries: Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Czech Republic, United States of America.
Chapel has been rated the highest category of amateur art groups - category 1, according to artistic level, activity and achieved results.
Publications: „Yra laimė šiam pasauly“ CD
Folk dance group "KALNAPUŠĖ"
Leader: Rasa Norvilienė
Mobile:. +370 688 11781
The group of dancers assembled in 2002. Named after the Mountain Pine, that is capable to stop the moving sands of the Curonian. Understanding the power of traditional folk dance, the group is usually joined by married couples, cultivating a sense of harmony, elegance and good mood.
"Kalnapušė" actively participates in various national, international festivals, song festivals, projects of Lithuanian television, introducing dance, costumes and traditions of the Lithuania Minor region. Concerts were held in Germany, Hungary, Russia, Latvia, United States, Austria, Italy, at the World Expo 2012 in South Korea.
The group has earned the highest amateur art award in Lithuania „Aukso paukštė“, and awarded category I by grouping dance groups into categories according to artistic level, activities and results. Dancers are the winners of many competitions.
Women's Choir "SMILTATĖ"
Leader: Vytautas Valys
The choir actively participates in city and national events, promotes harmonized Lithuanian folk songs, classical foreign and contemporary music. The choral repertoire is unique - choral songs. Women perform at the Roman Catholic Church of Nida during Mass and festive worship.
The choir has been awarded category II by grouping amateur choirs into categories according to artistic level, activity and results.