http://visitneringa.com There is a dog's beach in Neringa, look for it in Nida. You should drink plenty of water in hot weather, this advice is same for both you and your pet - always carry water. Find a place in the shade or spend more time indoors. Do not leave your pet in a car - it's a deadly trap. No pet should stay outside for long periods of time in below-freezing weather. Do not leave them alone. If you are cold, so is your dog. Do not forget to have and use bags for the dog's waste collection. Put those bags into special containers or household waste containers. Dogs must be leashed and wear a muzzle in public areas (streets, parks, near apartment buildings). If your best friend is representative of small a breed, for which you can't get a muzzle, you may omit a muzzle in public places. Just make sure that your dogs is not posing a threat to passersby. Animals are allowed on public transport only in accordance with the applicable rules for the carriage of passengers and luggage. Important Things to Remember When haveing a Woffcation in Neringa