Dive into Neringa’s sea of tastes

Dive into Neringa’s sea of tastes

Dive into Neringa’s sea of tastes

If the winter’s less than sunny skies have left you feeling depleted, it is time to discover inspiring culinary tastes of Neringa, a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site of Western Lithuania.

Set on a mesmerising peninsula of the Curonian Spit between the Kuršių Marios lagoon and the emerald waters of the Baltic sea, Neringa awaits with its many natural beauty and culinary delights during the cold season.

“Nidus” hotel restaurant

The most important meal of the day

Before you set off to explore Neringa’s towns, sea, dunes, forests and the lagoon, start the day right with a heart-warming breakfast. Expect highest quality meal and service at a sophisticated “Nidus” hotel restaurant (G. D. Kuverto st 15, Neringa, open on weekends). The menu caters for all meals of the day: order the most popular dish in “Nidus” among the small and big visitors – its famous cottage cheese pancakes that will fill you up with energy and good spirits for a day of fun in Neringa.

Cafe “Kuršis”

When exploring the charming coastal town of Nida, visit the time-defying, legendary cafe “Kuršis” (Naglių st 29, Neringa, open Mon – Sun). Its hearty traditional Lithuanian and European cuisine dishes will make sure you are back not only for breakfast, but a satisfying lunch and a cosy dinner.

A tasty break

While discovering the many sightseeing wonders of Neringa, including its vast panoramas of Parnidis dune, the buried fishermen villages of Nagliai reserve and the nostalgic lighthouse of Nida, real coffee lovers will delight with a pit stop in “Vero Cafe” (Naglių st 31A, Neringa,

Mon – Sun 9:00–19:00) for a selection of specialty coffees, teas and snacks.

The colder winter days are a perfect backdrop for tasting the local bakery pleasures in Nida’s “Gardumėlis” (Pamario st 3, Neringa, open daily). Enjoy the unmistakingly yummy aromas and freshly baked buns, pies, cakes and biscuits – fresh out of the oven.

A majestic lunch

After admiring the nostalgic Neringa’s villages and dreamy sceneries and trails of sandy dunes, beaches and pristine forests, pop in to Juodkrante’s celebrated cafe “Žvejonė” (L. Rėzos st 30, Neringa, open on weekends only). Loved by locals and visitors alike, it offers a friendly atmosphere, locally-sourced fish dishes and other popular bites.

Restaurant “Juodasis kalnas”

The famous Juodkrante’s restaurant “Juodasis kalnas” (Ievos kalno st 22, Neringa, weekends only) welcomes guests with an intriguing, ever evolving menu by chef Donatas Kučikas. The current stars of the restaurant include pikeperch with pumpkin, black rice and cranberries, vimba fish shavings, homemade sausages with mushrooms and potato mash, Neringa’s signature fish soup and the famous potato pancakes of “Juodasis kalnas”.

“I met my Lithuanian wife in Southern Italy, near Sicily. And then she declared: that’s it, let’s go home. I haven’t been out of the kitchen ever since!,” chef Donatas described his relocation to Juodkrante.

pizzeria “Malkinė“

If you are after an authentic pizza while in Neringa, make sure to visit pizzeria “Malkinė” (Naglių st 18, Neringa, weekends only). Fresh out of a wood-fired oven, morsels of the best pizza in the Curonian Spit will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds. An ever-popular black wooden hut, set in the “art zone” of Nida by the glistening lagoon has recently won an award as the friendliest business of Neringa.

Never without fish

Neringa’s fishermen and their generous catches are a real pride and joy of the locals. For the connoisseurs of seafood, Pervalka town’s gem „Vėjopačio užeiga“ (Pervalkos st 19A,

Neringa, in winter, call in advance to pre-book +370 656 90604. ) is a sure hit. This unique home of good food, overlooking the lagoon, invites guests to relish fresh fish dishes without a regular menu: a welcoming family of foodies, who look after the home, will cook up a feast of culinary discoveries. Try the crucian carp “ribs” and the perfectly traditional Curonian fish soup.

Don’t forget to bring back something special from your trip to the ones at home. On winter’s weekends, Nida’s outdoor cafe „Tik pas Joną“ (Naglių st 6, Neringa) offers a selection of locally-caught smoked fish. Here is a secret from in-the-know locals – if you come at midday, you have a chance to get your hands on the freshest, still warm, straight out of the smokery fish.

Restaurant “22 MYLIOS”

Gourmet dates

At the start of the trail to a picturesque Urbo hill, you will find an elegant hotel “SPA Nida”, with its fine dining restaurant “22 MYLIOS” (Taikos st 18, Neringa). For stylish brunches, relaxing dinners and sophisticated dates, chef Marius Pyragius serves a seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced menu. The minimalist, yet indulgent dishes are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and careful attention to detail.

As the short, adventure-filled winter days in Neringa draw to an end, head to Nida’s nightlife highlight – the hubbubbing “Sangrita” (Taikos st 32, Neringa, weekends only). Expect quality music, alluring cocktails, fashionable bar snacks and good company to toast the trip away into the small hours.

It is time to make your cold season exciting – embark on a wintry adventure of tantalising tastes and sightseeing in Neringa.

Opening hours of Neringa’s cafés and restaurants during the festive period:


Bakery „GARDUMĖLIS“ – will be closed on 25th, 26th of  December, on New Year’s Eve it will be open as usual.

Café „KURŠIS“ – will be open for a shorter period on 24th of December and will reopen from 12 pm on Christmas Eve. On 31st of December it will be open on regular hours.

Restaurant „NIDUS“ – closed on 24th and 25th of December. On 26th of December, opening hours are from 12pm -11pm.

Opening hours until 1st of January:

12.27 8.30 am -11 pm.

12.28 8.30 am -11 pm

12.29 8.30 am – 11 pm

12.30 8.30 am – 11 pm

12.31 8.30 am – 1 am

01.01 10 am – 7 pm

Outdoor café „TIK PAS JONĄ“ – 25th, 26th of December opens 10 am -10 pm. 31st of  December – 10am – midnight or 4 am.

Restaurant „22 MYLIOS“ – 25th, 26th of December – normal opening hours. 31st of December – will be opened until 4 pm. After that hour there will be a private evening programme for hotel guests.

Café „VERO CAFE“ – 24th of December 9am – 2 pm, 25th of December 12 pm – 8 pm, 26th of  December 9 am – 7 pm. On 31st of  December, it will be open from 9 am to 1 am.

Pizzeria “Malkinė” – 23–25th of December closed, 26–29th of December 12 pm – 18 pm, 30th of December 12 pm – 20 pm, 31st of December 12 pm – 19 pm, 1–5th of January 12 pm – 18 pm, 6–7th of January 12 pm – 20 pm, 8th of January 12 pm – 18 pm. 


Restaurant „ŽVEJONĖ“ will be closed 23rd -25th of December, on 26th to 30th of December it opens 11 am – 9 pm. On 31st it opens until 5 pm. Will not work on 1st of January. On 2nd until 8th of January it will be opened daily.

Restaurant „JUODASIS KALNAS“ will be closed on 24th, 2th5, 26th of December. From 27th of  December until 8th of January it will be opened daily 12pm – 9 pm.