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We invite you to the events dedicated to the Defenders of Freedom Day in Neringa.
January 13

8 a.m. Nida St. Catching the Bells of the Church of the Virgin Mary Christian Relief in Memory of the Defenders of Freedom

8 a.m. Civic initiative "Memory is alive because it testifies"
In our homes, city institutions, institutions, we will light candles for ten minutes for the fallen Defenders of Freedom and support the medics who then rescued the wounded Defenders of Freedom, who are fighting the challenges of the pandemic today.

8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Virtual exhibition of portraits of the Defenders of Freedom On the screen of Neringa municipality (Taikos str. 2)

7 p.m. Virtual "Evening of Neringa Community Memories" Nida KTIC "Agila" on Facebook account

January 12-30 Virtual document exhibition "Memory is alive in books" Neringa municipality Viktoras Miliūnas public library in the virtual space

January 13-30 Cycle of installations and exhibitions of Neringa Art School "Colors of Our Freedom"
Exhibition-abstraction of students of the Art Department in the windows of Neringa Art School "Colors of Our Freedom", dedicated to the 13th of January - Defenders of Freedom Day
Installations in the school yard "Tricolor light". The lantern will shine in the tricolor of the Lithuanian state.
Installation in the school yard "Bird of Freedom in the palm of my hand".

Civil Society and Government in Restoring Independence - Statement of the politician, signatory Alexander Abishala at the Nida forum "How we demolished the border", moderated by dr. Jogilė Ulinskaitė. Event reference here

On the Facebook account of Liudvikas Rėza Culture Center, we invite you to share the memories and photos of the people of Juodkrante about the experiences and experiences of January 13.

In Neringa gymnasium:
The essay competition "Children of Freedom about Freedom", until 01-06, is attended by students of II-IV gymnasium grades.
Essay, drawing and poetry competition "Generation of Freedom Says THANK YOU", until 01.12, participants 5th-4th grade students.
Integrated civic education and history lessons “From the past, our children are semis of strength!” Until 01.13, students of 5th-4th gymnasium classes participate.
The activities of January 13 are curated by Vilma Maksevičienė, a senior teacher of history.

Organizers: Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center “Agila”, Neringa Art School, Neringa Gymnasium, Thomas Mann Culture Center, Neringa Municipality Viktoras Miliūnas Public Library, Ludvikas Rėza Culture Center