All year round in Nida:

Nidos KTIC „Agila“
Naglių st. 18E, Nida
Souvenirs, information publications, book cards, maps, tourist attributes.

KNNP Visitor Center
Nagliu st. 8, Nida
Souvenirs, information publications, books.

Writer Thomas Mann Memorial Museum
Skruzdynės g. 17, Nida
Souvenirs, books, postcards, maps.

PC „Maxima“
Naglių st. 29A, Nida
Shopping center.

All year round in Juodkrante:

Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre
L. Rėzos st. 8B, Juodkrante
Books, souvenirs.

During the season in Nida:

V. and K. Mizgiriai amber gallery - museum
Pamario st. 20, Nida
Nagliu st. 27, Nida.
Amber articles, jewelery, weather vanes.

V. and K. Mizgiriai amber gallery - a branch of the museum
Skruzdynės st. 17A, Nida
Amber articles, weather vanes, linen and wool products.

Amber goods
Near the Thomas Mann Museum
In Nagliai street
At the Parnidis dune, in the parking lot
Near Naglių st. 25, Nida.

Taikos st. 2, Nida

„Malonios smulkmenos“
Naglių st. 29A, Nida (near PC Maxima)
Casual wear.

„Nidos rojus“
Nagliu st. 25, Nida.
Souvenirs, handicrafts, flowers, linen and wool products.

Algirdas Marčius craft yard
Naglių st. 15, Nida
Amber goods.

„Rūbų oazė“
Pamario st. 3, Nida
Men's and women's clothing, footwear, swimwear.

Nagliu st. 29C, Nida.
Lithuanian designer clothes, jewelry, accessories.

Summer bookstore
Pamario st. 3, Nida

Naglių st. 16, Nida
Perfumery, cosmetics, sweets, drinks.

During the season in Juodkrante:

Near the cafe "Fisherman"
L. Rėzos st. 30, Neringa

Near „Witch hill"
Amber products, linen, wool products, souvenirs.

Weathervane Gallery
L. Rėzos st. 13, Juodkrantė
Amber products, jewelry, weather vanes, information publications.