Cycling Routes

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Cycling through the Curonian Spit is one of the best ways to actively spend your free time and visit the most interesting and picturesque places of the Spit. The length of the bicycle route is 52 kilometers, they connect all the settlements of the Curonian Spit - Smiltyne, Juodkrante, Pervalka, Preila and Nida. This trail is a separate southern part of the Seaside Cycling Route, as well as part of the European cycling network EuroVelo route EV 10 - "Hanseatic Ring" and the European cycling route R1.
The bike path goes through the wooded places of the Curonian Spit. It is not complicated, as there are no large hills and slopes, there are short stops along the trail, so it is easy for a novice cyclist to ride. The bike path starts in Smiltyne, tourists can choose to start the trip from the Old Ferry (Danės St. 1, Klaipeda) or from the New (Nemunas St. 8, Klaipeda). The length of the section of the bicycle path from Klaipėda to Juodkrante is 21 km, in this part the route goes next to the sea. The length of the section from Juodkrante to Pervalka is 16.5 km. This part of the bike path goes by the sea, then along the main road, and behind the Gray Dunes, turns into the forest. From Pervalka to Nida the bike path runs along the old route along the Curonian Lagoon, the distance from Pervalka to Preila - 5.5 km, from Preila to Nida - 9 km. The bike path ends in Nida, near the Parnidis dune.
Riding a bike path through Neringa, you will visit such picturesque places as Aries Hill, Grey Dunes in Nagliai Nature Reserve, Vecekrugas Dune, Bulvikis Cape. There are plenty of respite places on the track. You can enrich your impressions by visiting the bird-watching towers, which are located next to the cycle path between Pervalka and Nida.
If you decide to travel by bike instead of your own, you will find bike rental points in each village.