Educational classes

Ceramics workshop „Feel the clay“
This is an educational workshop for all age groups. You will learn about the art of ceramics, clay masses, the basics of moulding, and how to mould the object you want.
Group size from 5 to 15 people.
Nida Culture and Tourism Information Centre “Agila”
Preilos str. 27, Neringa, Preila (Preila - Pervalka Community House)


Educational programs of Neringa museums
Neringa Museums organize various educational activities introducing the history and cultural heritage of the Curonian Spit. During them, nets are woven, paper cuttings in the form of house decorative elements or memorial monuments are made, natural collages are created, and “Historical Charades” are solved. Educational classes are organized for children of all ages, suitable for both children and adults. The following educational programs are offered:
"Tail of the weathervane". During the session, the fishing tradition that exists here is conveyed through the weathervane as an object, the origin and use of the weathervane is told, and the souvenir weathervane is coloured.
"Krikštai” – the trees of the world." During the session, the exclusive memorial monuments of the Curonian Spit – “krikštai” – are introduced, as well as their sacral significance, the models of the monuments are drawn and created.
"Historical charades about ... Thomas Mann." During the session, the famous German writer Thomas Mann, who spent a few summers in Nida, is introduced.
"Historical charades about ... a lagoon fisherman". During the session, you will get acquainted with the daily life and fishing traditions of the locals of the Curonian Spit.
“Who destroyed the fisherman's house?” The session introduces the history of the Nida fisherman's homestead, its tragic fate, during the workshop the works of art illustrating the history of the house are created.
"The crow, where are you?". During the session, the unusual business of the Curonian Spit residents is introduced – catching crows, crows’ models of plasticine or model are created.
“Meškeris”. During the session, you get acquainted with the daily life of a fisherman on the Curonian Spit, children's entertainment, play one of the oldest games in the region - "Meškeris” (Fishing rod), create fishermen pendants or bracelets.
“Nida Lighthouse”. During the session, the history of the lighthouses is introduced, and the model of the Nida lighthouse is coloured.
“Cultural landscape of the Curonian Spit”. It is an educational trip through all three divisions of the Neringa Museums, during which the participants will immerse themselves in the everyday dramas and subtleties of everyday life that have formed and are still creating the identity of the Curonian Spit.
"Adomėlis – a Stone Age man in the Curonian Spit". It introduces the history of the Stone Age on the Curonian Spit, how people lived at that time, what was their worldview and everyday life, participants will perform also a creative task – create drawings on the cups.
Neringa museums
+370 469 52260
Skruzdynės str. 17, Neringa, Nida

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Amber processing lessons
In the Amber Gallery – Museum the lessons on amber processing are organized. During the lessons the old and modern amber processing tools are introduce. Participants can polish a piece of amber themselves and make their own amber amulet. The lessons can be attended by groups and individuals.
Mizgiriai Amber Gallery-Museum
+370 610 04280
Pamario str. 20, Neringa, Nida

re 0272 F85 5880

Nature educations of the Curonian Spit National Park
The Curonian Spit National Park administration organizes educational sessions to get acquainted with the nature of the Curonian Spit: the worlds of forest, dunes, waters and animals. Classes take place in nature. They are for children, students, as well as families with children. The following nature educations are offered:
Activity "Detective of the Curonian Spit". During the activity, students learn to observe the environment, get acquainted with the animals living in the Curonian Spit and the traces they leave in the forest.
Activity "Water world". During the activity, the properties of sea and lagoon water as well as fauna are introduced.
Activity "In the forest labyrinths". During the activity, participants learn to observe the environment, get acquainted with the main tree species growing in the Curonian Spit.
Activity "Dunes of the Curonian Spit". During the activity, the sand dunes, their formation, change and preservation are introduced.
Activity "Let the nature "breathe". The activity discusses the problems caused by garbage left in nature, and learns how to sort waste.
Activity “On the paths of ants”. During the activity, one gets to know the world of ants, learn how they are born, develop and how they live.
Activity “World of molluscs”. During the activity, one gets acquainted with molluscs, their species, forms and nutrition.
Curonian Spit National Park administration
+370 671 72891
Naglių str. 8, Neringa, Nida

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Cultural education of the Curonian Spit National Park
The Curonian Spit National Park administration organizes cultural educational sessions, in which the cultural heritage of the Curonian Spit about the villages, villas and mythical creatures is presented in an interesting and playful way. Educations are prepared for adults, families and school-age children. The following cultural educations are offered:
Education "Lost Nida". During the session, the participants will walk around the old town of Nida and will feel as if they have returned to the past of the town, they will learn about the important buildings of the past as well as the way of life and traditions of the people at that time.
Education "How “kaukas” hid in a fisherman's house". During the session, the participants get acquainted with the architecture and decoration elements of the coastal fisherman's homesteads and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of fairy tales, legends and mythical creatures.
Education "The villas of Smiltynė". During the session, the participants will be get acquainted with the 20th century villas of Smiltynė, their architecture, constructions, forms and decoration.
Curonian Spit National Park administration
+370 671 72891
Naglių str. 8, Neringa, Nida

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Education "Nida postcard workshop"
During the session, postcard making equipment and materials are presented, participants are fully equipped with tools. During the workshop, postcards are made from ecological materials, such as tree bark, dried flowers, twigs and other plants, Baltic amber, shells, glass beads. Group size up to 6 people.
+370 698 34358
Naglių str. 25-2, Neringa, Nida

Pamarys Gallery workshops edukacijos
During the summer season, the Pamarys Gallery in Juodkrantė organizes creative educations for the whole family. The educations are connected with the art exhibitions taking place at that time.

07-02, 17:00 In the activity "Holiday Book", we will use colours and symbols to capture the most vivid impressions of this summer in a handmade book-armonica. Filled with holiday spirit and beautiful memories, it will become a great source of creative inspiration. 
07-03, 17:00 In "Inspired by Nature", we'll take you on a journey into the world of minimalist compositions, where you'll find a wealth of creative discoveries. We will search for colours and shapes in nature to create delicate paper collages. These can become paintings, expressive interior objects or festive cards - it's all up to your imagination!
07-04, 17:00 Welcome to the workshop and photo session! What characters could live in the Curonian Spit forests? What are their names? What do they do during the day? Let's use our imagination and create a fun story of the forest inhabitants.
07-05, 17:00 In the session "The Sense of Flight" we will learn what J. Stauskaitė's paintings say about flight and try to discover what the sense of flight means to us. We will use modelling and natural materials to give shape to that feeling and create a three-dimensional hanging decoration to decorate our home.
07-09, 17:00 In the workshop "Handmade Paper" we will create a one-of-a-kind, unexpectedly unique piece of art - a paper "sheet". We will try our handmade paper in an ancient way. We will decorate the one-off pieces of paper with plants and give them away with the scent of plants as a symbolic memory of the holiday. The most diligent workshop participants will be able to make a second one, which we will invite you to use in the creative activity "Drawing Music".
Every clan, family and even family member of the ancients had an animal, plant or inanimate object - a totem. In the exhibition of artist J. Stauskaitė we will discuss the meaning of the word "totem", look for images of birds, and consider which is the strongest, fastest and closest to each participant.
07-10, 17:00 In the workshop "My bird", we will decorate pendants depicting our totem birds.
07-11, 17:00 "Landscape Reborn" activity. The classical comics genius Hervé (Georges Prosper Remi), the author of the Tenten Adventures, a well-known detective in the Francophone world, had a distinctive style and a clear set of rules that later established the canons of traditional comics reading. After discussing them, we will set out to create a detective story inspired by the landscapes of L.J. Jankus: silent and restless, they leave plenty of room for the drama that is supposed to have taken place there.
07-12, 17:00  "Drawing Music". Based on the work of French artist and graphic novelist Edmond Baudoin, we will discuss how drawing can convey different feelings and emotions. Working with ink, the artist talks about the music of drawing, where each stroke makes its own sound. The portraits created in this way seem to make music. During the class, we will discuss the music of J. Stauskaitė's "Birds" and try to create a singing drawing in ink ourselves.
07-13, 17:00  ̶  Activity " Not The Museums Boots 2". Presentation of the new creative activity book "Not The Museum Boots 2" and an open workshop for families with younger children. Families are invited to take part in a frenzy of geometric shapes: create an abstract jigsaw puzzle of extraordinary size and stories of the landscapes of the painter L.J. Jankaus. We will give the participants of the workshop the publication "Not the Museum Boots 2".
07-16, 17:00.  ̶ activity "Ornamental fish of the lagoon". The graphic artist J. Stauskaitė has revealed herself in her work not only as an artist, but also as a prominent art educator. At the beginning of Lithuania's restored independence, she founded the first private art school for children and young people in Vilnius, where she has been working for many years to bring out the creativity of children. During this educational session, we will follow Stauskaitė's example and look creatively out of the windows at the lagoon, remembering who lives in its waters. The fish we know are not only tasty, but also particularly beautiful with their unique pattern of scales.
07-16, 17:00; 07-19, 17:00 - Activity "The Bag". Do you know the symbols of folk art or the signs of the old Pomeranian weathervanes, or do you think that it is too old, irrelevant and unfashionable? The creative use of ornaments and symbols created by our ancestors can be very stylish and contemporary. In this educational session, we will try to translate archaic signs into a modern design language. We will use folk ornaments and stamps based on the motifs of the Pomeranian weathervane to decorate woven bags according to today's design trends.
07-18, 17:00; 07-20, 17:00 - Activity "Characteristic subtext: find and recreate". There are some painters whose authorship we would recognise from a palm-sized fragment of a painting accidentally found in a town square. Their colouring is so distinctive and their brushstrokes so individual that a small fragment is enough. This is exactly what the painter L. J. Jankus (1946-2014), a painter of the Pamarians, is like - a bitter, but at the same time lyrical and mysterious master of landscapes. During the session, participants are invited to find the work in the exposition based on a small fragment of a painting by L. J. Jankus, to take a good look at it, and to complete the painting on a piece of paper in an educational workshop. In this way, we will recreate the entire painting from a small surviving fragment, as if we were restorers.
07-23, 17:00 In the "Bird's Footprint" activity, we will try out a textile dyeing technique by leaving bird's footprints on fabric.
07-24, 17:00 In "Grotesque Landscape", we will use thin and thick lines to create geometric shapes that recede into perspective.
07-25, 17:00  ̶ "Paper moulding" activity. Using paper pulp, we will glue speckled eggs.
07-26, 17:00  ̶ Activity "House of Miracles". We will use decoupage techniques to decorate our magical dream house. And maybe even the whole town...
07-27, 17:00  ̶ "We're spinning the nest" activity. Using natural materials, we will create a nest-house for a small bird.
The ticket price for educational activities is EUR 3.00 per student, EUR 5.00 per adult and EUR 6.00 per family.

Pamarys Gallery of the Lithuanian Art Museum
+370 46 410421
L. Rėzos str. 3, Neringa, Juodkrantė

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Educational session "Colouring of Curonian Spit weathervane"
The tourist service centre “Maretravel” organizes an educational session introducing the history of the Curonian Lagoon weathervanes. During the session, participants are given the opportunity to paint their own souvenir weathervane. The activity is suitable for both children and adults. Besides the weathervane colouring, the activity "Creating a sand weathervane" is offered.
Tourist service centre “Maretravel”
+370 615 44689
Naglių str. 18E, Neringa, Nida

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„Irklakojis“ educations
The organizer of active entertainment "Irklakojis" offers different educational entertainment sessions, during which participants will get acquainted with kites history and will make kites from durable and professional materials, will get acquainted with the methods of amber processing and trapping in the Baltic Sea, as well as will learn the basics of windsurfing, ice skating and kiting.
+370 618 81957
Kopų str. 3-7, Neringa, Nida