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Nida KTIC "AGILA" educational classes

Education "Bring a particle to Neringa"
We invite you to creative art classes at the Preila - Pervalka community house (Preilos str. 27).
In art classes for all age groups, we will look for natural materials that we can use in our artwork. We will use them as a means of artistic expression or as a basis for decoration. The price per person is 5 Eur.
The session takes place in a group of 5 to 15 people.
Duration about 1-1.5 hours.
Address: Preilos st. 27 (Preila - Pervalka community house).
E-mail: Registration: +37067298438, Indrė

Education "Nida postcard workshop"
The price of the session is negotiable
1,5 – 2 val.
During the session, postcard making equipment and materials will be presented. During the workshop, postcards will be made from ecological materials, such as various tree bark, dried flowers and other plants, Baltic amber, glass beads, tree buds, twigs, sea "gifts", shells
Classes are held in Lithuanian. Tel. +370 698 34358
Naglių g. 25 – 2, Nida

Maretravel Tourist Service Center
Tourism Service Center "Maretravel" organizes an educational session "Coloring of the Curonian Lagoon", during which the history of the Curonian Lagoon weather is introduced. During the session, participants are given the opportunity to paint their own souvenir weathervane. Classes are suitable for both children and adults. In addition to the traditional weathering coloring, the activity "Creating a sand weathering" is offered. Classes are conducted in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German.
+370 615 44689

Neringa museums
Neringa museums organize various educational sessions introducing the history and cultural heritage of the Curonian Spit. During them, nets are woven, carp and baptismal cuts are made, natural collages are made, and "Historic Charades" are solved. Educational classes are suitable for both children and adults. Classes are conducted in Lithuanian, Russian and English.
+370 670 85388

V. and K. Mizgiriai amber gallery - museum
In the Amber Gallery - lessons on amber processing organized in the museum. They introduce old and current amber processing tools. Participants can grind a piece of amber themselves and make an amber amulet. Lessons are conducted in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German. They are open to groups and individuals + 370 610 04280

The Curonian Spit National Park Authority
The Visitor Center of the Curonian Spit National Park Authority organizes educational sessions to get acquainted with the nature of the Curonian Spit. Classes take place in nature. They are for children, students, as well as families with children. Classes are conducted in Lithuanian and English. Duration of classes 1 hour. 30 min

Session "Curonian Spit Detective". During it, students learn to observe the environment, get acquainted with the animals living on the Curonian Spit and the traces they leave in the forest

Activity in "Forest Labyrinths". During it, students learn to observe the environment, get acquainted with the main tree species growing in the Curonian Spit.

Activity "Water World". During it, the properties of sea and lagoon water and fauna are introduced.

During the session "Let nature breathe", the problems caused by garbage left in nature are discussed, and waste sorting is learned.

Activity "Paint your weather vane". During it, you get acquainted with sailboat weather vanes, create and color your own weather van.

Activity "Curonian Spit dunes". During it, the sand dunes, their formation, change, and preservation are introduced.

During the education "How the mask hid in the fisherman's house", the participants are introduced to the traditional architecture: the components of the fisherman's house, decorative elements.

During the education-tour "Lost Nida" you will get acquainted with the former buildings of Nida, the history of the town.

+370 671 72891

Creative workshops of the Pomeranian Gallery

The Pomeranian Gallery of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art in Juodkrante is organizing summer creative workshops.

Birželio mėn. dirbtuvėlės vyksta: birželio 22 d., 23 d., 25 d., 26 d. nuo 17:00 iki 19:00 val.

Liepos mėn. dirbtuvėlės vyksta: nuo liepos 13 d. iki 23 d. antradieniais, trečiadieniais, ketvirtadieniais ir penktadieniais nuo 17:00 iki 19:00 val.

Nuo rugpjūčio 3 d. iki 8 d.
antradieniais–sekmadieniais, nuo 17:00 iki 19:00 val.

Dirbtuvės nemokamos, dalyvių amžius neribojamas.

Pamario gallery

L. Rėzos g. 3, Juodkrantė

Tel. +370 46 410 416