Excursion around the Curonian Spit

Ekskursija po Kuršių neriją
re 0070 dji 0733 1140x490

Naglių st. 18E, Nida

During this trip, you will visit the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit, experience the unique nature with its sand dunes, forests, famous local historical figures as well as learn about the history of fishers’ life, villages and towns. You will go to the Hill of Witches, a breeding site of cormorants, the Dead Dunes (the Grey Dunes), the Thomas Mann Museum, the ethnographic cemetery with Krikštai, the Amber Gallery in Nida, the exposition of the weatherwanes, the old part of Nida as well as the Parnidis Dune.
The tour is offered in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.
The excursion takes six hours.
The size of the group is up to 50 people.
The price of the service is 143 Eur.
The guide will join the group in their vehicle.
. Pre-registration is needed either by telephone No +370 469 52345 or by email info@visitneringa.lt