Culinary cruise "Fish Road"

Kulinarinis kruizas „Žuvies kelias“
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Culinary cruise "Fish Road" is an exclusive culinary water tourism route in Pomerania, sailing in the Curonian Lagoon, Nemunas Delta, Minija, King Wilhelm Canal. You will admire the nature of the coast, visit the sights of the region, learn about shipbuilding, fishing history. During the cruise, you will enjoy the gastronomy of the Pamari region, Little Lithuania: six types of smoked fish from the local waters, fish. You will taste "Royal carp", other fish dishes and you will enjoy dessert - "coffee", "šišioniškių waffles", cakes and other dishes characteristic of that region. The uniqueness of the cruise is the opportunity to sail all four waters on four types of ships, transferring from one to another during the trip or by speedboats.
Duration of the cruise: one or several days (according to the client's wishes).
Ship Type: Four-Type Ships or Speed Boat.
Price: from €125/person.
You can start the culinary cruise from Dreverna, Kintai, Minija village, Uostadvaris or Ventė (recreation and leisure center "Ventainė").
Possibility to choose routes of different length and duration. Individual offers are being prepared.
The culinary cruise "Fish Road" is a product of the Pomeranian tourism cluster.

Information and orders:
Klaipėda district tourism information center branch
J. Giž ethnographic homestead
Žvejų st. 13, Dreverna
Mob. +370 648 23198
Tel./faks. +370 46 476 301