Pedestrian route "Around the Horn of Horses"

Pėsčiųjų maršrutas „Aplink Žirgų ragą“

Trail start, lenght: Pervalka, 5 km
Gateway to the world of dunes.

The route around Žirgų horn allows you to glimpse from afar the secret world of sand dunes - the Dead Dunes spreading in the distance in the Naglių Nature Reserve. Once upon a time, they buried more than one village. 19th century Settlers from flooded villages founded Pervalka. The interesting history of the surroundings is evidenced by the surviving historical names of Zirgai and Birštvynos horns. The name of Pervalka (Perwelk) is earlier than the settlement itself - from this place the army of the Teutonic Order "drag" its forces across the lagoon.
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