Route "In the Footsteps of the Nida Gliding School"

Maršrutas „Nidos sklandymo mokyklos pėdsakais“
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The route we dedicated to the element of air, and how else, we will walk in the footsteps of the gliding school that existed in Nida in 1933-1939. This Solo trip will definitely be different, because the 7 stops marked in orange are waiting for you, where you will hear audio stories about the stories of the glider school and its students. You will observe the natural connection between Nida and the extremely majestic Curonian Spit that surrounds it, and the fact that people were able to use the elements of nature as an opportunity to take to the air. First, you will visit the site of the Nida Gliding School, where the arch of the school's hangar stands today, giving you an idea of how big it was. And also when hiking towards the Parnidis dune, you will enter as if into a desert, where you will have a view of Nida and the Curonian Lagoon washing its shores and the Grobštas nature reserve, in the territory of which there is a dune on which gliders used to regularly ply, it is not for nothing that today it is named after the Gliders .

Descending through the Valley of Silence, you will slowly head towards Nida's marina, where life is constantly bubbling, and we will have a story prepared for you about the reaction of the local residents at the time to the newly arrived school builders. Next, you will head towards the Museum of the History of the Curonian Spit, where we will invite you to stop inside for a while and see what sarcastic awards the gliders used to give each other. The road will continue along a cobblestone path, which will soon be replaced by narrow, sandy tracks winding on the high shore of the Curonian Lagoon. And your goal will be to reach Cape Bulvikis, the widest point of the Kurii Spit, where today, without a doubt, the spirit of aviation is most felt. And, of course, how can you be in Neringa and not reach the seaside, so your route will turn in this direction, passing the Bulvikis and Angiai mountains on the way. And while walking along the seaside section towards the finish, we will invite you to subjugate all your senses and feel the wind blowing around you.

Hiking duration: 3 hour — 5 hour 30 minutes

Distance: 19 km.

You will find the route here

The route is part of the project "Neringa - the capital of culture of Lithuania 2021". The project is financed by the municipality of Neringa and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.