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Visitors of Neringa’s resort are invited to rest in white sand beaches on the Baltic coast. Beaches have been opened on the outskirts of every settlement, on the Baltic coast. There, one can sunbathe, swim, do sports or spend free time in other way. Since 2002, the beaches of Nida and Juodkrantė hold the Blue Flag. This award is granted to those beaches that meet the highest environmental and quality of service requirements. The quality of water in the beaches is constantly monitored, the beaches are regularly cleaned, while litter is collected and transported. The beaches have been provided with the necessary recreation infrastructure, such as stairs to the beaches, benches, dressing rooms, children playgrounds, volleyball courts, taps with fresh water and toilets. All the settlements have outdoor cafes near the beaches. The beaches have special ramps for people with reduced mobility. Nida Beach Rescue Station has a wheelchair for the disabled to go down to the sea. Visiting beaches is free of charge. The red flag means that swimming is strictly forbidden. Visiting beaches is free of charge.

Neringa beaches:

  • Nida nudist beach
  • Nida Women-Only Beach
  • Nida Southern Beach
  • Nida Central Beach
  • Nida Northern Beach
  • Nida Pet-Friendly Beach
  • Preila nudist beach
  • Preila Pet-Friendly Beach
  • Preila Beach
  • Pervalka nudist beach
  • Pervalka Pet-Friendly Beach
  • Pervalka Beach
  • Juodkrante nudist beach
  • Juodkrantė Pet-Friendly Beach
  • Juodkrantė Central Beach
  • Juodkrantė Women-Only Beach

Please, adhere to the following rules while visiting the beaches:

  • do not litter, throw rubbish only to rubbish bins and sort out waste;
  • do no damage to plants and do not wreck reinforcements of the dunes;
  • do not consume alcoholic drinks;
  • do not swim in the sea with floating air mattresses;
  • do not kitesurf on the beaches;
  • do not use professional kites;
  • do sports and play other active games only in designated areas for active sports that bear special signs;
  • smoke only in designated smoking zones with special signs;
  • wear a life vest while paddleboarding.
  • take your dogs and other pets to designated beach areas with special signs.
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