Cognitive trail in Nagliai nature reserve

Cognitive trail in Nagliai nature reserve
Cognitive trail in Nagliai nature reserve

Road Smiltyne - Nida 32 kilometers, Neringa

The area of Nagliai nature reserve is 1680 ha. It stretches from Juodkrante to Pervalka for nine kilometers. Here you can see the Gray Dunes, also known as the Dead, flooded areas of former settlements, forest vegetation of natural origin and the soils of centuries-old forests buried under the sand. Strong winds form impressive ravines and ravines in these dunes. In some places, fragments of old soils emerge from under the sand.
You can look around this reserve and get acquainted with the landscape of the Gray Dunes at the 32nd kilometer of the Smiltyne-Nida road, where there is a parking lot. There is a special educational trail with a length of 1100 m. About half of the trail passes through the reinforced surface (gravel, boards), the rest - through the sand.

Nagliai nature reserve self-guided path is open for visitors from Monday till Sunday:
from 2021 May 1 until 2021 June 17 - 9:00 to 19:00 
from 2021 June 18 until 2021 August 31 – 9:00 to 21:00 
from 2021 September 1 until 2021 October 11 – 9:00 to 19:00
Ticket price for visiting the Nagliai nature reserve self-guided path:
 5,00 Eur. / per person;
 2,00 Eur. / for student.

Free admission is allowed:
The head of the tourist group of the tourism service provider and the guide accompanying the group on the educational trail, upon presentation of a guide certificate issued in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts;
For persons under 18 years of age who have submitted an identity document;
For students who have presented a student card;
For disabled persons who have presented a disabled identity card.
Persons who have declared their place of residence in Neringa municipality and Smiltynė part of Klaipėda city, who have submitted a ferry permit (card) and an identity document.
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