Route "Neringa Panoramas"

Maršrutas „Neringos panoramos“

The exceptional relief of Neringa, the wind-blown dunes covered with mountain pine forests, open magical panoramas of the Curonian Spit to visitors. The great dune ridge of the Curonian Spit stretches almost throughout the peninsula, strengthening it and providing shelter for the settlements located on the coast. We invite you to take a walk around Neringa and visit the impressive peaks of the Great Dune Ridge, which we offer on the route "Neringa Panoramas".

Nida - Urbas hill

Urbo Hill, with a height of 50.8 m, is a geomorphological landscape reserve in the settlement of Nida. There is an observation deck on the south side of the hill. From here you can see the Curonian Lagoon, Parnidis dune, in the west - the Baltic Sea. Even more spectacular views come from the observation deck of the lighthouse on the hill. The height of the lighthouse is 29 m. Ascending the observation deck offers incredible views of Nida town, lagoon, dune, sea.

Both the lighthouse and the observation deck can be reached from all sides - there are many interconnecting footpaths built throughout the territory of Mount Urbas. 

Preila - Preila dune

The height of the Preila dune is 53.3 m.

You can reach the observation deck of this dune at the first house from the side of Nida (Preilos str. 97) by turning left. To reach the observation deck, you will need to cross about 200 steps. However, it will be definitely worth climbing: from the dune there is a panorama of the Curonian Lagoon, on the right you can see the great Cape of Preila, further on - the Bulvikis Cape - the widest place on the Curonian Spit.

Pervalka - Skirpsto dune

Skirpstas dune is located near Pervalka. Its height is 51.5 m. From the top you can see the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. At the foot of Skirpstas dune, was built a monumental for Ludvikas Rėza. It was previously thought that the monument is standing on Skirpstas dune, however, after more detailed research, it was clarified that the sculpture was standing on the southern edge of Birštvynas dune. The sculpture faces south, where Skirpstas dune is located, and behind it is the Karvaičiai dune, reminiscent of the painful history of the buried under the sand Liudvikas Rėza's birthplace, Karvaičiai village.

You will reach the dune from the main road leading to Pervalka: there is a sculpture on one side of the road and a road leading to the dune on the other.

Juodkrantė - Avino hill

Avinas Hill is located in the territory of Juodkrante Landscape Reserve. It is located between the Juodkrante recreation area and the Nagliai nature reserve. From the Avinas Hill observation deck (height 35.8 m) you can see Avikalnis cape, the shore of the Curonian Lagoon, the Gray (Dead) dunes in the Nagliai Nature Reserve, fragments of the Juodkrante ancient forest. 

The easiest way to reach the Avinas Hill observation deck is by car, driving from the Klaipėda side on the 23rd road Smiltynė - Nida kilometer, on the right side of the road. A bicycle path connecting Juodkrante, the location of the cormorant colony, Avikalnis and the sea leads to the mountain observation deck.