Guided tour Following Trails and Promenades of Juodkrantė's Ancient Woods

Pažintinis žygis Juodkrantės sengirės takais ir promenadomis
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During the tour, you will learn about the natural stages of forest formation and development in the Curonian Spit as well as the history of forest management, fostering, care and its adjustment for recreational purposes in Lithuania Minor. You will have a walk in the old Blocksberg Promenade, which gives a view to the landscape of the royal ancient woods, and visit the Blocksberg scenic viewpoint as well as the Griekai Pit.
The tour is offered in the Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.
The tour takes 3 hours (6 kilometres).
Physical preparedness needed: average.
A size of the group is up to 10 people. A minimal amount of people is 3.
Preparation: comfortable shoes and walking sticks (not compulsory).
The starting point: Nida Culture and Tourism Information Center Agila in Juodkrantė (L. Rėzos g. 8B).
The ending point: Amber Bay.
Price of the service: 12 euros per person.

Pre-registration is needed either by telephone No +370 469 52345 or by email