Yoga exercises

Yoga exercises
Yoga exercises

During the summer season, free yoga classes take place on the central beaches of Nida and Juodkrante.
The classes are organized by the Neringa Municipality Administration and the Lithuanian Yoga Association. Information about the time of the classes will be published at the beginning of the summer season. Yoga classes are a great health tool that helps to conserve and maintain health.

The benefits of yoga practice are as follows:
* the body is both strengthened and stretched
* posture becomes correct
* improved concentration
* developing balance
* relaxes the body
* Improves sleep quality and reduces stress levels
* strengthens immunity
* improves the digestive process
* Tension is treated by breathing and conscious movement
* Excess body fluids are removed
* intervertebral tissue of the spine is stored and filled
* improves bone structure
* protects against cartilage and joint wear
* improves blood circulation
* adjustable heart rate
* regulated antitrust activity
* low blood sugar.