Bulvikis Cape

Bulvikio ragas
Bulvikis Cape visitneringa.com

3.87 km from the center of Nida

Bulvikis cape is the widest part of the Curonian Spit, reaching 3.8 km width. It is believed that the cape and the nearby bay names are derived from the Curonian name Bulvikis. There is another interpretation of the name – from the Swedish words bolja - wave and vik - bay.
Before forestation of the big dunes, Bulvikis cape grew very quickly: during years 1837 - 1910 it grew annually by approximately 7 m. At present the reverse process is taking place the cape is continuously decreasing because it is being washed off by the bay currents.
Located north from Nida settlement, Bulvikis cape can be easily reached by walking along the lagoon shore, or from Nida-Preila bicycle road.