The Bulvikis Cape

Bulvikio ragas
The Bulvikis Cape

3.87 km from the center of Nida

The Bulvikis Cape is the widest part of the Curonian Spit, stretching for 3.8 kilometres in width. It is believed that the names of the cape and the nearby bay originate from the Curonian surname "Bulvikis." There is another interpretation of the name. In Swedish, the word "bolja" means "a wave," while the word "vik" means "a bay." So, it could be that "Bulvikis" originates from Swedish.
Before the big dunes were afforested, the Bulvikis Cape had grown very quickly. Between 1837 and 1910, it had increased annually by approximately 7 metres. At the moment, the reverse process is taking place, as the cape is continuously shrinking, because it is being washed off by the bay currents.
The Bulvikis Cape allows one to see a wonderful panorama of the shores of the Curonian lagoon. One can see the Ventė Cape. With good visibility, the other side of the Curonian Lagoon seems within arm’s reach, yet this impression is false, as the width of the lagoon between the capes of Bulvikis and Ventė is over 8 kilometres, while its depth is around 3 metres..