Figurative Sculpture "Nida Moose"

Dekoratyvinė skulptūra „Nidos briedis“
Figurative Sculpture "Nida Moose" |

Nagliu g. 8, Nida

This sculpture represents the biggest animal of the Curonian Spit which is the moose. This animal is often called the symbol of the Curonian Spit forests. In order that Neringa habitants and guests would not be indifferent to it, the local municipality in 2011 invited them to suggest ideas for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of a moose that should be displayed in the area. Many locals and visitors agreed to idea of placing a sculpture would be a good way to beautify Neringa. Since 2014, the sculpture is displayed in the courtyard of the Curonian Spit national park administration (Naglių g. 8, Nida). It is believed if you tub the moose‘s nose, surely you will se a real moose in the woods.