Figurative Sculpture "Rest"

Dekoratyvinė skulptūra „Poilsis“
20170322 123436 1140x490

Pamario g. 6, Nida

The bronze sculpture “Rest,” which depicts a woman relaxing on the beach, is situated in the centre of Nida, in the square adjacent to the Neringa Art School (Pamario g. 4, Nida). The woman is dreamily looking at a pool with a fountain next to her. This is the only fountain in Neringa, renovated in 2014.
The fountain next to the Neringa Art School came back to life in 2014 thanks to the funds of the Neringa Municipality and the charity and support fund Nidos Kuršis. The original appearance of the fountain was restored, i.e. the bottom of the pool was lined with sea stones, the wall of crushed stones was rebuilt and a fountain sprinkler was set up. It is the only fountain in Neringa.