Italian View

Itališkas vaizdelis
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1.13 km nuo Nidos centro

In 1931, during a meeting of members of the Rotary Club in Munich, Thomas Mann gave a speech, called "My Cottage." "Those places need to be visited just as often as Italy or Spain," the writer said. An "Italian view" is a landscape from a porch of Mann's house. Once seen, the unique views overwhelm you.
A delicate pine forest, a curved tree trunk, a fisherman's house standing below, a view of the Curonian Lagoon on the right and the Bulvikis Cape visible in the distance are the motives of Nida's landscape that opens up from the Uošvė Hill in Skruzdynė. By the end of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century, artists and photographers started calling it the "Italian view." Although it is still not possible to say when and why exactly this name was given, the beloved motif of Nida's landscape was painted by many artists who worked here, including Friedrich Behrendt, Eduard Wirth, Werner Riemann, Hermann Max Pechstein, Ernst Mollenhauer and others. In 1930, when Thomas Mann had a summer house built on the Uošvė Hill, the "Italian view" started to be associated with the writer's name.