Mountain John or Eve

Jono arba Ievos kalnas
Mount John or Eve

Jono kalnas

From ancient times, St. John's Day has been celebrated on the Witches' Hill, formerly known as John's Mount Eve. Currently, walking along the mountain trail, you can see a unique exposition under the open sky. 71 sculptures were made of oak by Lithuanian (mostly Samogitian) folk artists - wood carvers - who gathered in Juodkrante in the summers of 1979-1981. The theme of the sculptures on the Old Mountain is the world inhabited by witches, devils, heroes of Lithuanian miracle tales and Neringa legends. 1988 in the summer, the sculptors added 12 more sculptures to the ensemble, mostly of a playful nature: swings, roller coasters, chairs. 1999 - 2002 During the symposium “Witches’ Mountain ”, new sculptures appeared in the exposition, and the old ones were restored.