Juodkrantė Evangelical Lutheran Church

Juodkrantės evangelikų liuteronų bažnyčia
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L. Rėzos g. 56, Juodkrantė

After the winter of 1791, which was ominous for the village of Karvaičiai, as the settlement was completely buried by sand, some of the citizens moved to Juodkrantė and started building a church there. The first small church was wooden. It burnt down in 1878. Seven years later, in 1885, a new church of Juodkrantė erected. It was an impressive Gothic red-brick building, which was consecrated the same year. During the post-war period, this church was turned into a warehouse and only in the 1970s it was started to be renovated. Its windows were replaced by stained-glass. For some time, it housed the Museum of Miniatures. After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, the church in Juodkrantė regained its former status. Since 1989, it has resumed church services.