Curonian Spit History Museum

Kuršių nerijos istorijos muziejus
Curonian Spit History Museum

Pamario g. 53, Nida

Working hours:
June 1 - 15 September
I–VII 10:00 – 18:00
September 16 - 31 May
II–VI 10:00 – 17:00
During the summer season from June 1st. until September 15. also works on public holidays.

Ticket prices:
For an adult- 1,00 EUR
For a pupil, a student- 0,50 eur
+370 469 51162
+370 469 52260

The museum was opened on 16 September 1969, in the building of Evangelical Lutheran church, the activities of which were suspended at that time. The exhibition displayed in a church showed only the formation of the Curonian Spit and the Curonian Lagoon, local people, nature, businesses, etc.
The history of the museum was complicated: the exhibition was dismantled after the return of the church to the religious congregation in 1989. The next phase in its history was also marked by transience: an exhibition of trades of inhabitants of the Curonian Spit was housed in rented premises between 1995 and 2002. In 2002, the museum moved to a new building on Pamario street in Nida. The new exhibition presents the traditions and trades of inhabitants of the Curonian Spit (hunting crows for food, fishing gear, boat models). A mannequin demonstrating a peculiar fishing technique, bumbinimas(fishing on ice by rousing fish), is particularly interesting to visitors
Highlights of the exhibition are the history of the Nida post station and the licence issued to its proprietor Friedrich Casimir Kuwert in 1785 to brew beer in his coaching inn.
he documents, photographs and maps tell the visitors about the European post road which ran along the Curonian Spit from the mid-17th century to 1833.
Muziejuje rengiamos parodos, susitikimai, paskaitos, knygų pristatymai.