Historical Exposition at Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre

Liudviko Rėzos kultūros centro istorinė ekspozicija
Historical Exposition at Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre

L. Rėzos g. 8, Juodkrantė

Opening hours:
II-VI 10:00 – 18:00
Ticket prices
EUR 1 for adults
EUR 0.5 for students

Contact information:
+370 469 53448

Between 1902 and 1903, a red-brick school was built in Juodkrantė, which was a typical building for Eastern Prussia. In 2003, the old school changed its function for the first time after 100 years and became the exhibition house of Juodkrantė. In 2007, the exhibition house of Juodkrantė was reorganised into Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre. The centre’s scope of activities include various historical, old fine art and contemporary Lithuanian and foreign art exhibitions. Also, cultural events are organised, including traditional festivities, commemorations of the state holidays, concerts, themed evenings, meetings, lectures, conferences and educational activities for children and youth. Various cultural and educational projects are also carried out. Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre has permanent display about history, dedicated to the prominent personality of the area, Martynas Liudvikas Rėza, and the history of Juodkrantė.