Mizgiris Amber Museum

Mizgirių gintaro muziejus

Naglių g. 27, Nida

Opening hours: I-VII 10.00-19.00

Excursions take place at a specified hours. The number of participants is limited. To get an information about free places, call the number +37061004280.

Ticket prices:
Standard - 9€
Students - 4.5€
Seniors - 4.5€
Family ticket (1 adult + up to 4 children) - 11€
Family ticket (2 adults + up to 4 children) - 19€.
For groups, that are buyingmore than 10 standard tickets we offer 10% discount.

Contact information:
Phone number: +37061004280
Email: info@mizgirisambermuseum.lt

In the museum, amber is presented in an artistic manner and scientific knowledge about it is presented through the interactive tools. The main concept of the museum is the amber trees forest and a river. A flowing river, being the main direction of the museum’s concept, represents the amber road from nature to culture.  

The uniqueness of the exhibition is granted by a rich collection of rare amber and art works, which is complemented by a virtual story about the formation of amber

Specially equipped screens show a 3D film about the formation of amber about 40-50 million years ago. The formation of the Curonian Spit is shown in the internal multimedia bridge.

The exposition is integrated with space for practical activities, where one can learn about the physical and therapeutic properties of amber through artistic expressions. Encyclopedia of amber has been created on touch screens. Amber not only from Lithuania, but also from around the world is displayed in the museum space.

The amber gallery on the second-floor exhibits works by Lithuanian and foreign authors.

Jewelery and works of art made of amber can be bought in the shop.