Monument to DG Kuvert and the Foresters' Cemetery

Paminklas G. D. Kuvertui ir miškininkų kapinaitės
Monument to DG Kuvert and Foresters' Cemetery

G.D.Kuverto g. ir Nidos-Smiltynės pl. sankryža, Nida

The memorial monument to George David Kuwert was built in 1864 in the Cemetery of Foresters near the Nida-Smiltynė highway at the G.D. Kuverto street junction. In 1825, G.D. Kuwert began planting pine trees on the dune which was already close to Nida. With his works, he proved that it was possible to “bring down” the rage of running sand.
G. D. Kuwert died in 1856. Locals, who greatly appreciated his works, buried him beside his father Gottlieb David Kuwert, poured a monument at the Hein foundry and erected it with the funds raised in Koenigsberg. There is an amphora fitted on the pedestal with a symbolical water jug for watering the trees.