Pervalka Lighthouse

Pervalkos švyturys
Pervalka lighthouse


The Pervalka lighthouse, standing in the Curonian Lagoon next to Pervalka in front of the Žirgai (in English Horses) Point on Cape Birštvynas, was built and began operating on November 27, 1900. It is the only lighthouse in the Curonian Lagoon that is located in the water, not on land, on a small artificial isle built approx. 200 m from the coast. The lighthouse was built with the aim of marking the point protruding into the lagoon as an obstacle to be bypassed in navigating the Curonian Lagoon. The lighthouse is 14 m in height. It operates automatically and emits white signals visible 13 km (7 Nautical miles) away. The foundations of the lighthouse are made from stonework, while the lighthouse itself is of cylindrical shape, narrowing towards the top, with walls of riveted metal sheets, and its tin roof is bell-shaped. The lighthouse has a metal staircase within which leads to a circular platform with metal guardrails. At the beginning of the 20th century, the beacon light was emitted by a kerosene lamp, whereas presently it is fitted with a buoy lamp with a photocell. The lighthouse was rebuilt twice: in 1948 and in 1960, and the isle was reinforced with concrete blocks. In 2006, the lighthouse underwent major repairs.
The lighthouse is reachable by a ship and can be seen from the coast of the Curonian Lagoon. The lighthouse is not suited for visitors.