Preila Dune

Preilos kopa
Preila dune

Preilos g. 97, Preila

To the south and north stretches the Great Curonian Spit dune ridge, which breaks only at the widest parts of the spit - Bulvikis and Birštvynas cape, where the dunes were thrown far into the lagoon. In this part of the spit, the Great Dune Ridge is green - its peaks are covered with mountain pine forests, and the slopes and dunes are covered with Scots pine forests, most of which were planted.
We invite everyone to visit a new attraction - Preila (Artists) Dune. During the Soviet era, several painters liked to paint on it, therefore its second name grew among the Preili people. At the first house from the Nida side (Preilos str. 97) the path leads to the left to the forest, towards the stairs. Please leave your bicycles near the road.