Exposition of Wooden Sculptures “Hill of Witches”

„Raganų kalno“ medinių skulptūrų ekspozicija Juodkrantėje
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Raganų kalnas

The exposition was erected in 1981 as part of a project by sculptor Steponas Šarapovas and architect Algimantas Nasvytis.
The 42-meter high Hill of Witches (formerly of Jonas and Ieva) commemorates the centuries-old celebration of St. John’s Day. Choirs and musicians used to come by sailing-boats and steamships from Tilžė, Rusnė, and Klaipėda across the Curonian Lagoon and celebrate the shortest night of the year as well as look for the fern flower. Lithuanian folk artists and craftsmen had been coming to Juodkrantė during the summer season of 1979–1981 and erected over 80 sculptures which represented motifs and heroes of Lithuanian folk tales, legendary characters. There are particularly many witches and devils on the hill. Various swings and climbing gears have been built at the foot of the hill to the delight of children.