Writer Thomas Mann Memorial Museum

Rašytojo Thomo Manno memorialinis muziejus
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Skruzdynės g. 17, Nida

Opening hours:
1 June - 30 September
I–VII 10:00–18:00
1 October - 31 May
II–VI 10:00–17:00
During the summer season from 1 June until 15 September also on public holidays.

Ticket prices
Adults - EUR 2.50
Pupils, students - 1 EUR
Grupėms virš 10 asmenų – 2,00 EUR
Contact information:
+370 469 52260

The writer’s Thomas Mann Memorial Museum is among the most visited museums in the western Lithuania.
Between 1929 and 1930, a summer house was built on the Uošvė Hill in Nida, according to the architect Herbert Reissmann’s project, where the writer Thomas Mann and his family spent three summers (between 1930 and 1932). While having a vacation in Nida, Mann stuck to his usual working agenda and continued to write Joseph and His Brothers, My Summer House, articles What We Must Demand, Speech to Young People and the Blood of the Walsungs as well as letters to publishing houses, writers and friends.
When Hitler occupied the Klaipėda Region, Mann’s summer house was nationalised and reorganised into a hunting house, called “Wood of Moose.” By the end of the war, a cannon ball damaged one corner of the house. Therefore, during the post-war years, the building was about to be demolished. In 1965, the house was transferred to the Klaipėda City Library and, two years later, a reading room was opened there with a small memorial display. In 1975, while commemorating the 100th anniversary of the writer, the building was renovated and new exhibits brought to the display. In 1990, the Society of Thomas Mann was established.
Between 1995 and 1996, the house was once again rennovated on a basis of the remaining drawings of Reissmann and memories of Mann’s daughter Elisabeth Mann in order to bring back authentic look.
In a living room of the museum, chamber music concerts, literature evenings, international meetings of the Thomas Mann Cultural Centre and events of the Thomas Mann Festival are held.