House of Writer Viktoras Miliūnas

Rašytojo Viktoro Miliūno namas
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G. D. Kuverto g. 6, Nida

The writer, playwright and translator Viktoras Miliūnas lived and worked in Nida from 1961 to 1986.
In 1961, the Miliūnas family bought half of a semi-detached fisherman’s hut on G.D. Kuverto Street in Nida.
As one of the first intellectuals settling in Neringa, Miliūnas “infected” others with Nida as well, namely, writers, theatre-goers and painters. Before the building of the Writers’ Literary House was built on the Urbas Hill, Miliūnas’ home was unofficially named “the writing house” (Lith. rašytnamis), the place for the people’s cultural meetings and conversations.
The writer spent a significant portion of his life in Nida, where he wrote his most important works of prose. Around 10 collections of short stories and novellas were released: “First Love or Crime”, “Black River”, “Wedding in “Paris”, “Summer of Evaldukas”, “Love and Hartred”, “Game without Rules”, “Picnic in the Horn of Grabštas”, “Concert in Museum”, “One out of Three” and “Years of Evaldukas”. Almost all of the short stories revolve around Neringa’s fishermen, their lives, customs, daily life, interpersonal relationships, love lives, work and daily routine. All of this reveals itself in the dramatic stories, full of subtle humour and intonations of a talented storyteller. By the will of Miliūnas, the simple people of the spit appeared on the stage of literature. From the abundance of Miliūnas’ works, the most mature ones are considered to be the realistic portrayals of Nida life that were put together into the short stories and novellas.
In August 1990, a commemorative plaque, called Nidos Metraštininkui (Eng. For Nida’s Chronicler), was uncovered by the Nida artist Eduardas Jonušas near the writer Viktoras Miliūnas’ house (G. D. Kuverto g. 6), informing that between 1961 and 1986 the writer Viktoras Miliūnas lived there. Jonušas closely communicated with him. At the moment, only a small office in the fisherman’s house, a well of clear water and three apple trees have remained. The Viktoras Miliūnas Public Library of the Neringa Municipality (Pamario g. 53, Nida) keeps some of the writer’s archive, including his books, drafts, letters, photos and personal documents or their copies.