Sculpture in Memory of G. D. Kuvertas, Planter of Neringa

Sculpture in memory of GD Kuvert, a gardener from Neringa
Sculpture in memory of DG Kuvert, Neringa planter

Central Square of Nida

The three-meter-high oak sculpture was built in 1972. The author of the sculpture is Stanislovas Bartkevičius. This is his diploma work. The sculpture was built in the center of Nida at the initiative of the then Neringa architect A. Zaviša. The theme for the sculpture was not accidental. It is related to the history of the settlements of the Curonian Spit and dune afforestation. The monumental sculpture with plant motifs seems to integrate the forms of Krikštai, reminds us about the worldview of the locals and is close to their aesthetics.