Sculpture in Memory of Vytautas Kernagis

Skulptūra Vytautui Kernagiui atminti
2015 06 21 12 17 47 author rytis seskaitis 1140x490

Pamario st. 2A, Nida

The sculpture is dedicated to the pioneer of Lithuanian sung poetry, performer and songwriter Vytautas Kernagis. Nida has been chosen to commemorate the maestro as he was a symbol of "Benai, Plaukiam Į Nida", an opening festival for a summer season in Nida for many years. The sculptor has depicted life-size Kernagis with a guitar, his key attribute. Everyone is welcome to sit down next to the maestro and take a picture. The Kernagis sculpture is located in the centre of Nida, near the lagoon. A mini concert space, called the Bards’ Square, has been set up next to the sculpture.
For those who want to listen to the songs performed by Vytautas Kernagis, there is an interactive solution in the Bard Square. By visiting the website and selecting a desired piece, you will be able to listen to music just by standing next to the maestro's sculpture. Ordering a song is free. Over 60 tracks performed by the bard are available.